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virginia beachThere are many great things to be said about Virginia Beach. But perhaps the best thing one could say about this seaside resort city is that it is a lot of fun. The city has attractions for people of all ages, and thing to do and see at all times of the day and night. Built at the site of the first landing of English colonists in America, the city is now home to a thriving tourism industry that welcomes millions of people each and every year.

The history of Virginia Beach stretches back to the early seventeenth century. In its earliest days, the city was a fishing community. The Cape Henry Lighthouse, constructed in the eighteenth century, helped mariners navigate the entrance to Chesapeake Bay. Naval battles off the coast of Virginia Beach in both the American Revolution and the Civil War helped shape the nation. There are many historical sites to visit in Virginia Beach, including Seashore State Park, where the first colonists landed, Cape Henry Lighthouse, Adam Thoroughgood's home in Lynnhaven and the Old Donation Church.

virginia beach informationIf historical tours are not your style there are plenty of other things to do in Virginia Beach. The beaches stretch for miles, and are the site of fantastic games of volleyball and Frisbee that must be seen to be believed. The ocean surf provides a great spot for water sports as well, including surfing, diving, sailing and riding jet skis. Of course you can lie on the beach as well and soak up the sun, or enjoy great amenities at the area's many beachfront hotels. Golfers can enjoy a round at one of the city's many great golf courses, and anglers will appreciate the many different types of fishing they can engage in, including deep water ocean fishing in the Gulf Stream just 60 miles offshore or pier fishing and surfcasting.

With so many things to do and see, it is no wonder that so many travelers come away proclaiming that they had a great time in Virginia Beach. The city offers something for everyone, with attractions for people of all ages and world-class accommodations to make your stay more comfortable. For all these reasons and more, Virginia Beach is a lot of fun.



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